Thursday, March 26, 2015

NUTS! German army first purchases

Since I got a copy of NUTS! and NUTS!: War Without End, I needed to start acquiring some kits to build my first army, a German one.

I first went by the local Dragon's Lair and purchased a DUST Tactics Axis Kampfgruppe Stefan starter set, mainly for the Ludwig Kampflaufer (walker) and the Heavy Laser Grenadiers

Then I drove further across town to Dibble's Hobbies, because I remembered that they had some Dreamforge-Games Eisenkern Stormtroopers. When I got there I figured I would be lucky if they still had the one box I saw there a month ago, but to my surprise they not only had the Stormtrooper kit, but also a box of Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Troopers and a Keilerkopf APC! Well, I had to buy them -

All in all, a nice start on my Germans. I am trying to decide which theatre of the war I want to paint these for. Probably North Africa.

I've gone NUTS! in a Weird War sorta way

I finally ordered a copy of Two Hour Wargames' NUTS! and NUTS!: War Without End. I've wanted these two books for a long time, but never seemed to have money to indulge myself. Now I am going to put together some WWW2 armies and re-write history.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Well if I'm not limiting myself to just 15mm...

I should go ahead and start setting goals for 6mm and 28mm. That's what I'm doing right now. I mainly want to finish two of the 15mm battleforces I've started, green and yellow, and then I would like to add to my 28mm System Trooper battleforce. Once those things are done I am going to start a Grymn battleforce, with Hasselfree Miniatures cool looking 28mm Grymn.


 I blame my desire to put together a Grymn battleforce on Inso of Inso's World. He's been working on Grymn forever, turning out such awesome armies of the little guys, that have always caught my eye. I really have been itching for years to build and paint my own.

On the 6mm front, I'm not sure what I really want to do yet. Probably something from Brigade Models or Onslaught Miniatures. We'll see.

MTGB: Rerezzed: Legacy - The Glitch Mob / Daft Punk Derezzed Remix Music Video

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TMP and Khurasan Miniatures no longer linked in Resources - UPDATE

In TMP's latest bout of ass-hattery, apparently they've locked Khurasan's account. While details are scarce, speculation abounds what Jon did to merit the locking of his account. Last year, Angel Barracks, another popular manufacturer of minis, was a victim of Bill's ire. Enough is enough. TMP has become a very unwelcoming place and somewhat a haven for trolls, so it has merited itself a ban on FIREBASE ARES.

UPDATE: Khurasan's account was locked for "sock puppetry" - I have doubts about Jon doing that and require more proof than just TMP's word on that. After the fiasco with Angel Barracks, I place little faith in Editor Bill's word.

UPDATE II: Apparently the accusations against "Jon/Larry" have been backed up from various other sources, one of whom I do believe. Being a niche industry where the majority of manufacturers are "one-man" operations, where not a lot of profit is to be made in some instances, the type of behavior "Jon/Larry" engaged in is low and underhanded. FIREBASE ARES will no longer have a link to Khurasan Miniatures. I will no longer review or purchase his products.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Expanding the range of scales covered by FIREBASE ARES

I'll slowly be adding links to manufacturers of sci-fi minis from scales other than 15mm. New blogs will be added to the blog list, as well as scale related resources. I will also start posting stuff related to minis in other scales that I own.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Re-categorizing long-term projects

I've decided that instead of using factional/national names to categorize my long-term projects, I will classify them by colors. By doing this, I can use them for whatever faction/nation I need in any given game. I'm going to eschew marking things with anything other than vehicle nicknames, numbers, and kill markings.

Right now I am focused on completing Battleforce Green, as I have several vehicles almost finished and I will post photos soon.