Saturday, July 12, 2014

First steps of consolidation are underway

I started on consolidating my sci-fi ground combat blogs into FIREBASE ARES. First to be consolidated are the manufacturer's links for miniatures and terrain. I will add resource links as I go. Blogs will follow, then I will move photos of my work over probably towards the end of the consolidation process. Still much to accomplish, but the end result ought be a major improvement (no pun intended).

Friday, July 11, 2014


I will be attempting to consolidate the majority of my sci-fi ground combat wargaming blogs into this blog. That means this blog will be covering most of the popular scales; 6mm, 15mm, 28mm. I should have done this in the first place. Hell, I'm a slow learner.
So this blog is going to get a slight name change, it will just be FIREBASE ARES, the "15" is going to be dropped.  The URL will remain unchanged. I will be consolidating the various scale specific links from the other blogs. They'll still be listed by scale, but they will all be on this blog. The blog list is going to get bigger, because there are just too damn many great blogs (representing all scales) out there to not include them.
This will be a long haul overhaul, so progress might be a little slow, but it's going to happen. The same is planned for my starship combat blogs. They'll be merged with STARBASE ARES. I'm going work to a hard goal of no more than 3 blogs: FIREBASE ARES, STARBASE ARES, and The Quick and the Zed. The Quick and the Zed is going to become a Horror/Post Apocalypse wargaming blog, so zombies (the current focus) won't be the only thing covered there. Like I said, this is a long haul overhaul.

-Maj. Diz Aster

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SITREP July 2014

Well, as some of you already know I am having marital troubles. I had to move back to San Antonio, to give the wife her "space". I have recently found a job, and am in the process of reorganizing my life. That said, I won't have much time, or money, to devote to miniatures and wargaming. I probably won't be posting too much on my various and sundry blogs while I work towards getting life back to a semblance of normalcy. My wife and I are doing our respective best to part on amicable terms. I hold no bitterness for her. It just didn't work for us. She's moving on and I'm doing the same. I wish her happiness. I will work to find happiness in my life as well. Happiness is a rare commodity that has eluded me for several years now. I will still be floating around the blogoshere and the various miniatures and wargames forums, I just might not interact as much as I'd like to.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Brigade Models releases German ONESS Super-heavies

Tony at Brigade Models, announced the release of the long awaited 15mm scale Woden family of super-heavy panzers for the German ONESS. I have been eagerly anticipating this for a VERY long time! I wish I could afford to pick these up, but alas, I'm still in the middle of a job search, so I'll have to get them at a later time. But at least I know what the first things I'm going to get are once I am able to ;)

Woden Super-schwere Panzer

Helheim Stadt Bekampfung Fahrzeug

Fenrir Panzer-Jaeger

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New force coming up for Hammer's Slammers The Crucible

On The Miniatures Page, John Treadaway announced that he is working on a new force for Hammer's Slammers The Crucible - The Hiroseki National Army

I like the way John is adding new forces to The Crucible, opening up new options for long time players of Hammer's Slammers The Crucible, as well as making the game appealing to those who are unfamiliar with Hammer's Slammers.
I don't currently play Hammer's Slammers, but this announcement is giving me more incentive to get a copy of The Crucible.