Monday, March 2, 2015

There's a reason I don't...

...paint too many un-armored miniature infantrymen: I suck at it. I always mess up skin that isn't covered in some sort of armor. And I really suck at painting aliens - the Brog are the latest "victims". I started on some of them, and well, they're horrendous. It looks like they'll be getting a Simple Green bath. It's a shame. I had great plans for these. I will rethink my alien force. I need to find something that I won't screw up; maybe the Crusties by GZG or the Itu'a by Khurasan. Or Enemy Unknown by Armies Army. Oh well, guess the Brog are trade bait.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

WORKBENCH: Mecha Front NorAm Raptor WIP #1

Finally have gotten around to assembling the first of the mechs I purchased from Mecha Front. The Raptor is the Gamma variant and is a really fine kit. It required minimal cleanup, mainly along the mold lines. It went together very easily, you just want to make sure you look at the photos of the kit on the Mecha Front site to ensure proper alignment of the various parts.

I will probably paint this in a desert color scheme, although, I'm thinking a Martian color scheme might be the way to go.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK: Pre-Release Titan Class Viper Mk. II

Here's a little sneak peek at the soon to be released Rebel Minis Titan Class Viper Mk.II -

I hope to start painting this the beginning of the week (waiting on a paint order) and I will post WIP reports as I progress. This baby is getting the Mars treatment.

MAILCALL: Rebel Minis Brog Empire Infantry and Command & Heavy Weapons

These actually arrived two days ago, but I've been busy, so I'm posting this now. I placed an order for these earlier in the week, as I wanted to put together an alien battleforce for a change. I also purchased some of the new BONES II CAVs off of eBay to go with these troops, but they won't arrive till Monday (I'll post photos when they arrive).

I had purchased a pack of the Brog infantry when they were first released, but never got the chance to paint them, in fact I had to sell them (along with a bunch of other minis) in order to pay some bills. When I had them before, I never noticed that they are smaller than most other 15mm figures, which in this case is a good thing for the battleforce I'm working on. Here are some comparison photos -

Being smaller in stature will make these look even better alongside the CAVs I purchased. I am waiting on a paint order from Reaper and once it arrives, I will get to work on these.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

WORKBENCH: Bushwacker Mech WIP #1

Haven't had much time to work on anything this week, but I made some progress on the Bushwacker -

I still need to finish coloring various panels and then flock the base.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I have created a new space combat blog - STARBASE ARES II

it replaces the original STARBASE ARES, which was deleted a while back. This new blog will be more inclusive of the various facets of space wargaming than the original blog was. This one won't just deal with capital ship wargaming. It will have starfighter combat as well (For example, can you say X-Wing?).

I hope to make STARBASE ARES II better than the original, like I have been trying to do with FIREBASE ARES 15, since I put the events of the past year behind me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MAILCALL: Khurasan Miniatures Stannis Iguana and GOTA Clan Riflemen

My little order from Khurasan arrived this afternoon. I was figuring it wouldn't arrive until next week or when the snow storm in the north east let up, but Jon is good to his word and the package arrived about when he said it would.
I had the Stannis Explorer before all of the drama with the wife unfolded last year, and had wanted to get an Iguana, but well, couldn't. Now I have one. I also picked up a pack of GOTA Clan Riflemen -

The Iguana will be painted up to match my NDR forces. The GOTA Clan riflemen will be opposing troops.