Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WORKBENCH: Finished Khurasan Miniatures Nova Respublik Grifon-G

Finally after all the grief with my primer not wanting to work with the polyurethane resin of the Grifon-G kit, I have managed to finish it, and it doesn't look too bad, if I do say so myself -

I really like this kit! I just need to find a different non-aerosol primer that will bond to the resin.

As usual, Jon has come up with a great looking vehicle. I highly recommend this kit if you need some neo-Soviet grav armor - it definitely fits the bill.

WORKBENCH: WIP Grifon-G nearly done and looking good

Got some good news-

The trick I did to my brush on primer has worked! I am nearly finished with the Grifon-G. I just need to finish painting the turret, the hull is done and it looks pretty good considering. I don't have any photos to show yet, but I will have plenty of them once I finish the turret. Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

WORKBENCH: Zantin Scutari sneak peek

Here are photos of the color template test model for the rest of the Scutari -

I found another color that goes well with the figures; Reaper MSP Uniform Brown, so that's what I painted this one with.

Also, the progress on the Grifon-G is hampered by the crappy resin it's cast in. It doesn't take the primer I use very well, and I'm not about to change brands, so I'll probably strip the primer off and sell the Grifon-G. For some reason I always have this primer problem with Khurasan's resin vehicle kits. Every other manufacturer's resin kits prime up perfectly with the brand of primer I use. I just won't be buying anymore vehicle kits from Khurasan until he finds a different caster.

UPDATE on Grifon-G

I may have found a solution to the primer problem, that won't require me to strip it off. The solution also comes from the Reaper paint line. If it works, I will show the results in a new post later on.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Help me pick the color

I'm getting ready to paint the Grifon-G and the Scutari but I'm having trouble deciding what color I want to paint them. I have narrowed it down to five choices:

All are Reaper Master Series Paint colors-

Your input is greatly appreciated. Once the minis are finished they will be up for sale.

Monday, November 17, 2014

MAILCALL: Khurasan Miniatures Nova Respublik Grifon-G and Zantin Scutari

Good things came in a small package today from Khurasan Miniatures, namely the Nova Respublik Grifon-G IFV and Zantin Scutari infantry I ordered last week -

As usual, the minis are very nicely detailed with minimal clean up required on the Scutari -

The Grifon-G is also nicely cast, but mine will require a little more work removing some excess resin from the front of the hull. This is an easy solution requiring nothing more than scoring the excess resin and carefully snapping it off -

Now I need to prep the infantry for basing, followed by priming. I will probably do that tonight. I will work on prepping the Grifon-G tomorrow; a nice warm soapy bath with a light scrub and a good rinse to remove any mold release agents, so that I can prime it later in the week. I haven't decided what color I'm going to paint these yet. I thought about possibly painting these up in MSP Blackened Steel or maybe MSP Clotted Red, or even MSP HD R.A.M. Black. Just don't know....any suggestions?