Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More DUST Tactics Operation Babylon items inbound

I was really pleased with the new DUST Tactics Blutkreuz Starter, so I decided to order another one from Game Time Miniatures again, this time a Spetsnaz Starter and a couple extra light SSU walkers -

Battlegroup Roza

Anatoly (TSh)

Aleksei (TSh)

I figured since the SSU is the faction I have the least miniatures for, that I'd show them some love this time.

If you live in the U.S. and like DUST Tactics, I highly recommend Game Time Miniatures as one of the best sources for DUST Tactics. Great prices, great customer service, and fast shipping.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Kampfgruppe von Stein ist da!

My DUST Tactics Blutkreuz Starter set arrived this morning! It's awesome!

There are quite a few things packed into the box. First of course, are the zombies (excuse the blurriness)-

Frank von Stein and the "Braineaters"

Heinrich(Trop) walker with zombie pilot

Convention Exclusive Frank model (front)

Convention Exclusive Frank model (back)

Just gotta love gun-toting zombies and zombies piloting walkers!

The starter comes with quite a few other things -

Rule book, Catalogue, and descriptive leaflet

Terrain tiles

Unit cards

Scatter terrain and DUST dice

Full roof/floor tile for Warzone Tenement

Vinyl 2' x 3' Babylon Gaming map

All in all, a great value for the money.

Time to start painting!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The FIREBASE ARES 15mm liquidation sale - Everything 15mm must go!

I'm getting out of 15mm once and for all, so I will either sell or trade all of my 15mm minis. If you are interested in trading, rather than buying, I am looking for DUST Tactics walkers, aircraft, and heavy infantrymen from all three factions. Plus I am also in need of any of the Axis Zombies. I am also open to trading for un-built and un-painted 1/48 scale World War II aircraft, armor, and infantry kits. Another thing I would be interested in are any 28mm Weird World War II gaming miniatures. I'm pretty flexible in regards to trades.

If you'd prefer to buy, here's the photos and prices of what's available -

Unpainted/unbuilt kits-

SOLD 2 Mecha Front NorAm Lynx with extra weapons $40 + shipping

SOLD Rebel Minis Merka 5 MBT $6.00 + shipping

TRADED Rebel Minis Titan Marine Light Grav Tank $6.00 + shipping

Brigade Models German Lynx Hover APC platoon $25 + shipping

Brigade Models German Baldur Light Hovertank platoon $22+ shipping 

Brigade Models Polish Maczek Hover MBT platoon $25 + shipping

Brigade Models German Woden Heavy Hovertank $10+ shipping 

SOLD Rebel Minis EF Comanche MATV platoon $25+ shipping 

SOLD Rebel Minis EF Droptrooper platoon $7.00 + shipping

TRADED Rebel Minis EF Marine platoon $7.00 + shipping

SOLD Rebel Minis Sahadeen platoon $7.00 + shipping

SOLD 2 Critical Mass Games ArcFleet Hydra walkers $12 + shipping

Heavy Gear Southern Fire Support Cadre $15 + shipping

Heavy Gear Northern Razorback 2-pack $10 + shipping

Dropzone Commander Post Human Republic Starter $30 + shipping

Built/basecoated minis-

SOLD Khurasan Cormorant Lander $15 + shipping

Critical Mass Games ArcFleet Hydra walker $5+ shipping 

SOLD Rebel Minis Merka 5 Grav MBT $20 + shipping

SOLD 2 Rebel Minis Titan Vipers $14 + shipping

SOLD Rebel Minis Titan HAMR mk.I $5 + shipping

Orko 1 Zeus Battlemech $5 + shipping

SOLD Rebel Minis Titan Marine Grav APC $5 + shipping

SOLD Rebel Minis Earth Force Grav APC platoon $18 + shipping

Mecha Front NorAm Raptor $12 + shipping

Orko 1 Bushwacker Battlemech $10 + shipping

Orko 1 MadCat IIe Battlemech $20 + shipping

HO Scale buildings-

Outland Models Orange Multi-story shop $8.00 + shipping

Outland Models Maroon Multi-story shops $10 + shipping

Outland Models Gray Apartments $15 + shipping

Shipping will be determined by number of items bought and destination. I prefer to use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. I will carefully package all minis purchased/traded in bubblewrap.

If you are interested in buying or trading for any of these minis, send me a message at

I have a full schedule at work this week, so I will reply as soon as I can, in the order that emails are received.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taking advantage of DREAMFORGE GAMES "Beat the Price Increase" offer

I just placed an order with DREAMFORGE GAMES to take advantage of the discounts on Mark's awesome Eisenkern kits, before the price increase takes effect on February 15th. With discounts of up to 30%, how could I not take advantage?

I ordered an Eisenkern Stormtrooper Command Squad, Valkir Assault Troopers, an Eisenkern Stormtrooper Accessory Set, and a Keilerkopf APC -

Unfortunately, the Eisenkern Panzerjaegers are sold out - good thing I picked up a box a couple months ago.

If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend placing an order while the discounts are still in effect, they last up until February 15, when the new prices go into effect.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moving Day

I spent most of the day moving from one of the bedrooms in my Dad's house, to one of the bigger bedrooms. Now I have enough room to put in a desk for my laptop and printer. The laptop is what I use to upload and adjust photos. I haven't posted many photos lately because my workbench has been covered with minis and kits in various stages of assembly/painting, thus not leaving any space for me to use the laptop, but now that's no longer a problem. During the coming week I will be squaring away my "new" room, so I should soon have some photos of the minis I've been working on the past couple of weeks.