Sunday, February 9, 2014

Major on the move...

Over the next several weeks, the wife and myself will be preparing to move to Tyler, Tx. I won't have much time to build, paint, game, let alone blog. Also, our new living accommodations will be considerably smaller than the house we currently live in, so I'm going to have make some adjustments to my hobby life. I will no longer be able to amass large collections of minis from multiple game systems/genres. I have given some of my minis and paints to a good friend, that will put everything to good use. I am finding out that I still need to down-size even more. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. I've been "all over the place" mini-wise, rules-wise, blog-wise. I'm looking at this move as an opportunity to reign in the chaos.
  Something that has bothered me the last couple of years has been my decreasing ability to paint at the level of detail I'm used too. I am getting older, and the eyes aren't that great- maybe it's time I took a long break from the paint table- 40+ years painting minis is a long time. All that time painting stuff really has limited gaming time. That's something I plan on rectifying once I'm settled in the new digs. I want to play some more X-Wing Miniatures Game really bad. I would also like to play the new edition of an old favorite - OGRE. So, if anyone out there in Tyler reads this blog, you'll have a new opponent arriving soon.
   Something that will happen during/after the move, is a final consolidation of my blogs. That is another element of the chaos that I need to address. The move will facilitate my consolidation plans nicely. I'll post info about this as the consolidation nears...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meanwhile, over on the New FIREBASE ARES...

Over on the New FIREBASE ARES, I posted an update on the progress I'm making on a army I am working on for No Limits. The army is a New Republic of Texas Rangers battleforce- this is just the first squad-

I still need to finish 4 more figures to round out the squad. The figures are Pig Iron Productions System Troopers, and I plan on picking up at least 30 to 40 more in the next few months. I will also be adding some of Khurasan Miniatures 28mm vehicles to the army. I think this is a good starting project for 2014.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've lost my MoJo...

I decided to start working on the GZG Tomorrow's War U.S. Army ESOF troops my wife got me for Christmas, and I swear I just can't paint 15mm infantry worth a $#!7 anymore! It's bad enough to make me want to never paint a 15mm infantry figure ever again...AAARRGGHHH!!!!! Oh well, I guess it's a good thing I only started one of the five 8-packs, maybe I can sell them or trade them for something in a different scale I won't screw up. Damn shame, they're really cool minis.

At least when I paint 15mm vehicles, they still look good.


Khurasan to the rescue! Jon is coming out with an awesome new 28mm tank-
Federal Army Saber Tank

Plus, I had forgotten that Jon also sells Federal Army infantry in 28mm, so I will definitely be going back to working on 28mm minis. Yay! BLUE HORIZON-PMC is saved!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

WORKBENCH: WIP Khurasan Miniatures Stannis Explorer ATT- pt.2

Just a quick update on the progress I've made so far on the Explorer ATT. I have gotten the overall color of the vehicle finished. I just need to paint the tires, windshield, door windows and various minor details and then do weathering-

As you can see, I'm painting this up as a BLUE HORIZON-PMC vehicle. I am also modifying it slightly, by adding a different gun turret to the model-

While the Explorer is basically a civilian vehicle, the police variant, the Charger, lacks serious "punch" My version of the Explorer/Charger is more substantially armed for urban patrol/combat missions.