Thursday, May 21, 2015

ANNIVERSARY: Three months with a stripper

Three months with a stripper...

Man, that's one exhausted stripper...

No, no, no! Not that kind of a stripper! I meant it's been three months since I put 64 GZG 15mm New Israeli infantrymen in a tub of Simple Green to strip the paint off.

Being submersed in Simple Green that long made clean up a breeze, pretty much just rinsed them off and set them aside to dry -

Wait a second, did he say 15mm? Yes, I did. I'm going to start back with 15mm minis on a limited basis. I still have a few items that I didn't sell, namely, my Brigade Models Pac Fed grav tanks. They will soon be getting their time with a stripper - I just don't plan on leaving them for three months. Once those minis are stripped, I will re-prime them, this time with a spray primer.

The New Israelis will probably not be used for Pac Fed troops, since Brigade Models just released their own Pac Fed infantry. I will be getting a platoon of those and another Komodo Heavy grav tank, as a birthday present from my Dad - Thanks Dad!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Strong incentive to come back to 15mm

Just when I think I've put 15mm minis behind me someone has to go and produce something I can't resist. Case in point, Brigade Models new Pac Fed infantry -

Resistance is futile - I must order some this payday - my wallet is soon to feel some pain - It's all your fault

It's all good - good thing I didn't sell off my Pac Fed vehicles.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

WORKBENCH: Five Easy Pieces - ClearHorizon Miniatures 28mm Nemesis LSV WIP #1

Today I've been working on one of the two 28mm Nemesis LSVs I purchased from ClearHorizon Miniatures.

The kit is comprised of 5 pieces that are pretty cleanly molded, with only a few bubbles and some minor flash.

After removing the flash with an X-Acto knife, I washed the parts in a warm soapy bath, gently scrubbing them with a toothbrush, followed by a thorough rinse to remove any mold release agent residue from the resin.

I then set everything aside to dry and once that was complete, I superglued the 2 hull pieces together in preparation for priming.

 I decided not to fully assemble the Nemesis before priming, because I have the 15mm version of this kit and trying to paint the rear portion of the wheel assemblies on that, after I had already assembled it, was a real pain, so I will prime, basecoat, pick out details, then assemble the Nemesis.

I used one of Rustoleum's Camouflage sprays (Army Green) to prime the Nemesis. The spray works fine as a primer.

After the primer dried, I started to basecoat with Reaper Master Series Paint HD Field Grey. I took my time, so it took up most of the afternoon.

I stopped for the evening and I will try to work on the Nemesis tomorrow, painting a second layer on the basecoat, then I will start on the wheels.

This post also appears on my other blog Eisenreich, where the future WIPs on the Nemesis will be posted exclusively.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

MAILCALL: Another Double-Delivery day

Earlier this week I ordered some stuff from Miniature Market and a couple of items from ClearHorizon Miniatures, all to bolster my Germans, and both packages arrived this afternoon -

First from ClearHorizon Miniatures, a pair of Harold's 28mm Nemesis Light Support Vehicles -

And from Miniature Market I got a twenty man Eisenkern Stormtrooper box, an Eisenkern Valkir Support Trooper box, a Keilerkopf APC, a couple of bottles of Reaper MSP HD Field Grey, and a bottle of Secret Weapon Washes Soft Body Black -

I have decided I prefer the Eisenkern Stormtroopers to the DUST Tactics Axis infantry, so I will be stocking up on Eisenkern kits for the next payday or two. I also love the Nemesis LSV from CHM, I already have one in 15mm and I think that it kind of looks like a futuristic SdKfz. 222 -

so I decided to get 2. I am going to paint everything with a basecoat of Field Grey once they are assembled. These kits will also be doing double duty - Weird World War II and Near Future Sci-Fi wargaming.